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Hey there!

Girl wearing blue grey midi dress holiding white daisies
Greek Orthodox wedding.
Girl playing tennis.
Greek Orthodox Baptism

My name's Nicole and I launched this little business of mine

in October 2020 because jewelry has always held a special place in my heart and I believe it can mean so much more than just an accessory. I'm 27, a former DI tennis player, a follower of Christ, and I come from an incredibly close-knit Greek-American family (as seen to the side of this). 


In June 2019, I watched this Hallmark Channel movie called, "The Last Bridesmaid." Being a romantic at heart, I've been obsessed with Hallmark movies for years now, loving the beauty that is love and finding the one you're meant to be with. During this season of my life, I was working part time, just thinking and praying about what I was meant to do with the rest of my life. Having played competitive tennis for many years and eventually in college, I didn't know what my next step in life was since that season had ended. The main character in this movie was working insurance as her full time job and designing jewelry for close friends and family in her spare time. I remember watching her design her pieces and thinking to myself, "That would be amazing and so fun to do." You see, jewelry has always been special in my family. My parents and YiaYia (Greek for grandma) would gift me a special piece for holidays, birthdays, and just for fun and the pieces always carried sentimental value that represented something special to our family.

Time passes and I forget about that movie, never thinking making jewelry is something I could actually do (where would I start, what pieces would I create, would people even buy my designs??). July 2020 comes around and I'm still struggling with figuring out what my purpose in life is. I think about making scrunchies just to earn some extra money but when I tried that route, thinking it would be easy to remember how to sew from years before when I learned, I completely failed (you can laugh because it is funny haha!). When I started to think of what else I could do, I looked more into a supplier I had come across during the scrunchie faze who sold freshwater pearls. They had more jewelry making supplies and it was from there that ideas for designs started to form! It truly felt God sent because of how the beginning stages just started to align and how much joy and peace I felt in taking this leap of faith to start my own handmade jewelry business.

Even though I'm biased haha, I truly love these designs and I hope you love them too. It is my prayer that my jewelry will play a special part in your life, no matter how big or small, whether it's for something fun or for something meaningful and I am confident that you will be able to find a piece that fits your style and showcases your inner beauty.



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